CTI FoodTech offers several industrial machine models for processing of pears and passe crassane


We are exclusive dealers of JBT FoodTech’s pear processing line. The lye peelers we deal are suited for continuous and high speed operation, and they can feed one or two coring units with an average output of 4 or 8 tons of fruits per hour. The machine fits the production requirements both for canned and sliced pears.

How does it work?

During the processing, the uniformly ripe pears are moved to the advancement station of the machine where they are mixed randomly in a caustic applicator. The fruit remains in the caustic solution for a set time. Getting out of the solution, the fruits are transferred to an elevator which brings them to a high pressure steam valve. At the end of this steam cycle, the fruits are discharged into a spinning rubber washer that removes the peel.

Pear type Passe Crassane

320 APA-E

The Peach Pitter model 320 APA-E is the direct evolution of the model 320 APA, on which it has been implemented an electronic system managed by a Programmed Logic Controller (PLC).

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MultiFruit Coring

Coring machine

The Multifruit Coring is designed to output very high quality half fruits destined to the top segments of the food market.

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Pear Coring CTI-EPC



La denocciolatrice di pesche modello 350 APA-Vision, evoluzione tecnologica del modello 320 APA-E, è dotata di un sistema di rilevamento della posizione dei frutti gestito da un controllore a logica programmata (PLC).

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