JBT FoodTech is the American company who manufactures the machines used to process over 75% of citrus juices produced worldwide.

Now JBT FoodTech makes all its experience in the citrus field available to HORECA customers, with the Multi-Fruit Juicer Fresh’n Squeeze.

Fresh’n Squeeze is the ideal solution when it comes to quality and convenience for hotels, restaurants, coffe shops, pastry shops, supermarkets and juice-bars who wish to offer their customers a fresh and natural product such as freshly squeezed citrus juice.

Nothing is more effective than fresh citrus juice for a decisive contribution to the image of your point of sale, and with Fresh’n Squeeze your juice will stand out over competition for quality and yield.

Because the machine is provided with an instant separation extractor capable of separating the juice from the waste (peel, seeds, albedo) – which affects negatively its taste – and guarantees a 100% safe product, thanks to the sanitary design of the juicing components.

Fresh’n Squeeze reaches yield values equal or higher than 50% for each fruit, beating any other juice extractor for retail point of sale, and can process – without any adjustment – most of the world’s citrus varieties, including oranges, grapefruit, lemons, tangerines and limes, in the widest range of fruit sizes (up to 98 mm) .

The higher quality and yield result from the efficiency of the extraction principle used in JBT’s industrial extractors.

JBT FoodTech developed the MultiFruit juicer with new functionality compared to the previous model:

– Increased capacity

Up to 65% juice output increase over current model (from 25 to 33 fruit per minute )

– Larger capacity hopper with increased fruit visibility

– Large viewing windows for improved theater

– Stainless steel mainframe makes juicer easy to clean

– Reconfigured drive section for ease of maintenance and cleanability

– Enclosed juice processing area leads to improved food safety conditions

– Enhanced splash guard design for increased durability and preventing waste peel from entering juicer drive section

– New controls functionality thanks to a Touch panel controls Easy to operate Increased functionality Stops juicer cycle in cleaning position