(Nella foto l'Ing. Biagio Crescenzo, CEO di CTI FoodTech)

CTI FoodTech manufactures machinery for the food processing industry, in particular peach and apricot pitting machines, and sells complete for processing peaches. With a global commercial presence, CTI FoodTech is the second largest peach pitter manufacturer in the world by number of units installed. With a complete range of machinery for every production requirement, CTI FoodTech is the only company able to offer all peach pitting technologies.

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Our history

Year 1986

The history of the CTI FoodTech group in the production of fruit processing machines sector, and in particular pitting of peaches, began in 1986, when the C.T.I., founded by Ing. Biagio Crescenzo, promotes a program to export Italian technologies to Spain.

The CTI quickly assessed the inefficiency of existing peach pitting technologies on the market and in just 4 years became the leader on the Spanish market by selling hundreds of knife pitting machines, for the which model currently holds the original patent.

Year 1994

The Spanish company Crescenzo Tecnología e Ingeniería S.L. was born, as aftermarket support on the Spanish market, both for spare parts and technical service.

Year 1996

The FMC and the C.T.I. jointly tackle the Spanish market with the new model 300-A pitter and collaborating in the modernization and diffusion of the “CT800 Extended Aligner” model torsion pitter, capacity 82 peaches per minute.

Year 2008

CTI FoodTech officially acquires the PEACH PRODUCTION LINE” business unit from FMC FoodTech, together with the production rights, patents and designs of the entire peach production line.

Year 2009

CTI FoodTech presents an upgrade of the CT800 model destoner, exporting this model both in the U.S.A. and in Spain. The promotion of the 300-A model pitters in China begins.

Year 2010

CTI FoodTech installs the first automatic peach processing line in China, with 8 model 300-A pitters.

Year 2011

CTI FoodTech consolidates its leading position in the Chinese market with the model 300-A destoner and completes the destoning line of the market-leading factory Chinese national team.

The most important Japanese producer of preserved peaches chooses the model 300-A pitter for its production.

Finally, the model 320 APA pitter, has arrived, which is sold both in Italy and in Spain and South America.

Year 2012

The 320 APA pitting machine is enjoying great success conquering the international markets. Numerous units are installed in the factories of important canning producers in Spain, Greece, China, Bulgaria and South America.

Year 2013

The leadership in Spain of the CTI FoodTech was consolidated with the installation of dozens of specimens of the 320 APA model.

Year 2014

The video of the new MECATRON model peach pitter was presented during the Cancon12 congress. CTI FoodTech sponsors the event.

During the CibusTec fair, the first unit of the artificial vision system applied to the positioning of peaches, capable of aligning 100% of the fruit along the suture line, was presented to the delegations present .

Year 2015

CTI FoodTech designs and manufactures the 320 APA-E peach pitter, the electronic version of the 320 APA. The machine is equipped with an electronic system managed by a programmed logic controller which increases its production performance compared to the previous model.

An innovative optical recognition system, already tested on some models of the line, is modified and installed on the Repitter Vision pitter. The new machine is now able to reintroduce unpitted peaches into the processing cycle because they are not correctly oriented.

Both machines enjoyed immediate sales success and helped to open new commercial outlets for the company.

Year 2016

Thanks to the promotional action and the partnership with its North American agent Concentrated Solutions, CTI FoodTech confirms and expands its commercial presence in the US market.

During the year, CTI FoodTech was accepted as a member of the CLFP (California League of Food Processors), the association of California food processing industries.

The Multifruit Coring model peach pitter is launched on the market, completing the range of pitting technologies offered by CTI FoodTech. Designed for the Baby Food market (Zero pit fragment tolerance), the machine combines the high performance of CTI FoodTech technology with the highest quality of the final product.

Year 2017

CTI FoodTech obtains the ISO 9001:2015 international certification for the design and construction of industrial fruit processing machines. A remarkable result that rewards the company’s constant commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards in its production processes.

During the year, the company diversified its offer, conquering further market segments in South America with machinery designed ad hoc for local productions.

Commercial synergies are strengthened and expanded with the manufacturing partners of the technologies used in its products.

Year 2018

On the occasion of the inauguration of a new plant in Greece, CTI FoodTech organizes an event attended by the main exponents of the Greek canning industry and institutional representatives of both countries. Numerous specialized and generalist Greek newspapers dedicated space to the event. During the year, the company arouses interest from the local media and from the University of Salerno, which invites the CEO Biagio Crescenzo as a speaker in a seminar on entrepreneurship, and exhibits in sector fairs on new markets, such as AgroTech in Uzbekistan, Expoalimentaria in Peru, Polagra Tech in Poland and the World Avocado Congress in Colombia. On the occasion of these events two new machines are launched on the market, the 300 AVC avocado pitting machine, the first machine in the world capable of pitting avocados, and the 350 APA-Vision, the fastest peach pitting machine on the market. The Spare Parts Area service is launched on the company website, thanks to which customers can order spare parts online. The new Peach Group brand is launched, which now represents all the companies of the industrial group and is inspired by the flagship product processed with its machines. The year ended spectacularly with a triumphant first prize at the Best Practices Award of Confindustria Salerno and the nomination among the finalists of the very prestigious Innovation Award of the Fruit Logistica fair in Berlin.

Year 2019

Fruit Logistica, the most important trade fair in the world dedicated to fruit processing, held every year in Berlin, includes the new 300-AVC avocado pitter by CTI FoodTech in the list of finalists of the prestigious Innovation Award, dedicated to the most innovative products in the food tech sector. The event is the ideal opportunity to present to the public the new product of the pitting line, the first in the world capable of pitting avocados, which effectively represents the company’s commitment to carry forward its vocation for continuous research and innovation in food processing.

The Corporate & Investment Banking of Banca Sella assists CTI FoodTech in issuing a “mini-bond” bond loan, intended to raise financial resources to support the company’s investment projects. The operation was presented during a press conference held at the CTI FoodTech plant in the presence of Vito Grassi, president of Confindustria Campania, Andrea Prete, president of Confindustria Salerno, Biagio Crescenzo, CEO of CTI Foodtech, Graziano Novello, manager Corporate & Investment Banking of Banca Sella and Gennaro Crescenzo, head of the Southern Territory of Banca Sella and Andrea Pozzi of the commercial management of Banca Sella.

In October, the new CTI FoodTech plant is officially inaugurated in the Industrial Zone of Salerno. The event, selected as a preview of CibusTec, is also attended by the president of Confindustria Vincenzo Boccia, who praises the company founded by Eng. Biagio Crescenzo. In the same month, a delegation from CTI FoodTech participates in CibusTec, where the promotional campaign entitled “Wherever there’s a fruit to pit, we’ll be there” receives great acclaim from all the visitors present at the fair. At the event, CTI FoodTech showcases its new products, the Zero Pit Fragment and the CTI-FAS.

Year 2020

In 2020, CTI FoodTech is once again at the center of the attention of the media for the new successes it has managed to achieve in terms of technological progress in the food processing sector. Specialized publications such as FreshPlaza, Food & Packaging and communication of public bodies such as Invitalia. Biagio Crescenzo is invited several times to speak at sector events, live streaming broadcasts on social networks, book presentations on an industrial topic.

The company’s intellectual property assets are enriched with a new patent, for the 300-AVC Avocado pitter. The trade fair promotional activity continues, with participation in Fruit Logistica (Berlin) and AgroProdMash (Moscow).

During the toughest months of the Covid pandemic, CTI FoodTech stands out for its commitment and seriousness in ensuring continuity of production and assistance, to provide support without interruptions to the functioning of the food chain.

During the year, CTI FoodTech stood out in a particular and more intense way than in the past for social responsibility initiatives, such as “Insieme per Sarno”, the donation to the Archdiocese of Salerno of a TARS thermoscanner unit, contributions to cultural events in the city.

Year 2021

CTI FoodTech’s commitment to corporate sustainability continues. In addition to sponsoring the local radio coverage event of the Sanremo Festival and purchasing solidarity Easter eggs from a non-profit association, the company is launching a new internal training project, the CTI Academy. The inauguration aroused the interest of the local and national press, which dedicated articles praising the initiative. Once again, specialized press publications, such as the China Canned Food Industry Website Association and FreshPlaza, dedicate space to the innovative technologies of CTI FoodTech. The University of Salerno invites Biagio Crescenzo as a speaker at a seminar on the case history of CTI FoodTech and the company is invited to participate in thematic events on food processing technologies.

Year 2022

2022 marks the beginning of a new business phase for CTI FoodTech. The company’s communication for this year has as its theme the new slogan “The New Way of Pitting”, which effectively encapsulates the innovative spirit behind the design and marketing of its fruit processing technology. The concept is expressed in the CTI FoodTech stands at the Food Processing Expo in Sacramento, California (USA), at the AnugaTec in Cologne (Germany), at the Foteg in Istanbul (Turkey). Once again, the international specialized press is positively impressed by the company’s technical and commercial efforts. The web portals for food processing and the agri-food industry Food Industry News and Fresh Plaza dedicate articles to the 320 ZPF, CTI-1200 and AP-1800 peach and apricot pitting machines.